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History/Women's Studies PhD at PSU

Ye Of Little Patience

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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone had heard from/or had any news pertaining to Penn State applications? As far as I can tell in the Results section, only one person was contacted (clearly not everyone is on this website, but still, not a slew of acceptances/rejections like other schools). I applied to the dual phd in History/Women's Studies, so maybe my application is going through a different process?

I'm getting very worried, I'm down to three schools and I don't believe two of them look good at all. I was just wondering if anyone had any news that could help even a little?

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Hang in there. Rather than reading the tea leaves and driving yourself nuts, consider the utility of focusing on matters that you can control.

If you really need an answer, give some thought on how you could contact each department at Penn State, ask a direct (or indirect) question, and go from there. (An indirect question would be along the lines of "Can I confirm the contact information you have about me?")

As for the other schools, keep your head up. Remember, that sometimes these decisions are not about how you look but about how departments think other candidates look. That is, just because you miss a cut doesn't mean that you're not a worthy applicant with lots of potential. :)

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