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Need a fast decision for journalism school (Canada)


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Hi I am a long-time reader to grad-cafe, but a relatively new poster. I was hoping to get some advice on graduate studies in journalism and communications.

I received an offer from UBC's journalism school with an entrance scholarship of 6,000, no word on further funding or assistantships yet. However, they want me to confirm by next Wednesday (March 14th)!!! I have asked for an extension but they have said it is not possible. If I do not accept by this date I will be moved to the top of the wait list and lose my guaranteed acceptance. However, they will earmark the funding until I officially reject.

The issue is I am also interested in Ryerson's journalism program, but I know that first rounds have gone out and I have not been chosen. I really wanted to stay close to home since I live in Ontario and it would be much cheaper than living in British Columbia which is a five hour flight away. I am torn about what to do: accept UBC, or take my wait list chances and wait for Ryerson's answer?

I have also been accepted to Westerns program but without funding, so I will turn it down I think. And I have been accepted to Ryerson/Yorks Communication and Culture program which is also a great opportunity, and I guess was a sort of backup to J-school as a way to stay in Toronto if I didn't get in...

So my options are:

Accept UBC and then maybe be very disappointed if it turns out I get accepted to Ryerson.

or turn down UBC and potentially just accept the communications masters in the end if I don't get into Ryerson and cannot get off UBC's wait list.

I am just looking for some advice since I have been banging my head on the table trying to figure it all out.


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Hi there,

Congrats on the UBC and Western acceptances. I think they are both great programs but it's a tough call. I also applied to Ryerson but haven't heard anything yet. I'm also curious if you also applied to Carleton? I'm waitlisted there.

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