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A&M Neuroscience


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Anyone else get accepted? I'm deciding between here and another school so I would love to talk about it and hear why others are choosing A&M! I believe all acceptances were sent out yesterday.

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Boss, I've applied for the Neuroscience program at Texas A&M. I haven't heard anything from them yet. I'm an international student. I actually applied for the interdisciplinary program in Neuroscience offered by the Texas A&M Institute of Neuroscience. But the university has forwarded my application to the Department of Psychology.

I haven't heard anything from them, so I'm actually confused with what's happening. Also I've got an unofficial rejection from UTexas health Science Center San Antonio.

Waiting to hear from you, my friend!

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Hey, I also got accepted on friday. I am still waiting to hear from other places before I decide. Personally, there aren't many faculty in the area I'm interested in so I'm going to email those profs and see if they will take grad students for rotation and if they can take on a PhD student. That will help me decide. I do like the fact that there is a med school and a vet school there. The vet school sounded like it had some cool seminar opportunities and stuff. I also like how the program pays for a meeting every year. I heard some bad news about funding from the current students when I was there- I'm not sure if we would have any of those issues since they didn't start in the Neuroscience program and they've changed the rules since then, or if there still might be problems. I talked to one girl who had to pay her own tuition because the med school PI's aren't required to pay tuition (just highly suggested).

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