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I applied to four schools; Hunter, Columbia, NYU, and Bank Street, the deadlines varied from January 15 to March 15, they are for MA programs for Childhood dual Special Education. I recieved acceptance to one school today (my second choice- Bank Street), with a letter saying I must confirm my attendance within 30 days of the dated letter (which was March 8). What do I do? because I still am waiting to hear back from my first choice- Hunter (I applied mid February), but their deadline has not even passed! And soon I need to confirm with Bank Street about attendance.

Any advice would be helpful!

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Option 1: You contact the schools you haven't heard back from and ask when they will be making decisions. Explain that you have an acceptance and a deadline to make a decision.

Option 2: Contact the school that accepted you and ask for an extension.

Option 3: Wait a bit more, maybe you'll have your decisions in another week or two.

Option 4: Some combination of waiting and contacting schools.

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