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Museum Studies v. Museum Anthropology


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Advice Please!

Trying to choose between two museum focused programs. The first is the museum anthropology program at Denver University which offered me a significant amount of funding and the second is the University of Washington's Museum studies program- no funding but the program is horribly expensive. Both are M.As and the University of Denver doesn't offer an Phd In Anthropology. I have a background in both Art History and Anthropology with experience researching and doing administrative work in museums. I ultimately want to work in collections management in a museum and depending on that possibly get a phd in cultural anthropology with a focus on museums as a cultural institution. I don't know which program to choose as both have their drawbacks and advantages and I need to decide by March 30th.

I am visting both programs at the end of March

I would love some help and feedback


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I'm interested to hear what other people say as well- I hadn't heard anything about Museum Anthropology until I already applied to the material culture/mst programs but it seems like a very interesting idea.

I have heard good things about University of Washington's program but also heard that it is getting larger which can be a drawback for some people who are used to smaller programs (like I am coming from an mst program of ~20 ug minors and 30 grads if that).

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