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UC Irvine: What kind of a reputation does it hold for Computer Science?


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I'v applied there and really liked a project being carried by one of the professors and would love to go there if I'm admitted, so I was wondering what the college's reputation is like since I intend to apply for PhD after I'm done with my Master's degree.

I'v received rejects from UCSB, U Wisc-Madison, U Maryland-CP and Purdue University. Hoping to get in here. :D

What'r your thoughts about the place?

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10 applications! amazing :)

I've applied too to UC Irvine, Donald Bren School of Computing, but haven't received any confirmation yet. The tracker was down and I wonder why they are so late.

Does anybody know about UC Irvine Computing and informatics department? I am afraid it is ranked #30, but looking at the published papers, the labs and the proximity to Silicon Valley I would doubt about the ranks. Any Donald Bren's student?

Thanks again!

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