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UIUC Aerospace PhD 2012


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We have been asked to contact the professors for funding (RAship and TAship). Is it a standard norm at UIUC Aero?? What are the chances of getting funding?? Should we mail multiple professors simultaneously or go one by one??

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Same situation here :)

Actually, I was in the same case last year, but for the MS program. I was admitted, but none of my professors of interest had funding available... :(

Finally, I went somewhere else. Yet, I believe that professors are more interested in PhD students than in MS students, so this might be good for us!

Personally, I contacted only a few professors in a precise area (two or three). If none of them is interested in my profile, then maybe I will broaden my search.

Anyway, good luck!

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Hi, I have the same stituation with you! Got an AD from AE department! And now, it is really difficult to find a professor to support me in funding. I also worry about this. If you have any good news, could you please share with me? Really thanks! And bless all of us!

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