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Hi everyone,

I am invited for a TA interview for a programming class. But, I have no idea of what the interview is going to be about. For the regular classes, I usually thought they would ask you about classes you have taken in that area, your grades in those courses, previous teaching experiences, etc. Would they ever ask detail technical questions or give a problem to solve? And about the programming, do you think they would ask me to write a program or something? Thanks for your help in advance!

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When I had an interview, I took a copy of my resume. They just basically asked what teaching experience I had, what my interests are and what my coursework was. They didn't ask me anything about my grades or quiz me about my knowledge (I'm not in a technical field though). I think they were gauging personality and if I'd do well in front of a group (was I articulate / was I confident / was I personable)....Good luck!

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Thanks for your post. Well, definitely all you said is very important to them, and I guess for traditional courses they just look at your transcript to see how you did on the same course; but, for a programming course I wonder how they want to figure my knowledge. I have done programming for my course projects, thesis, etc, but that's not something easily measurable by looking at a transcript...

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