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Are schools allowed to do this..?

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I was accepted to a certain school quite early, on feb 29, and they asked to respond by March 12. i didn't, and now they just emailed me with this kind of crude email saying i am several days late and if i dont respond my spot will be given away. im not very stressed because im not gonna go to the school, but does anyone else find it kind of unfair that they havent even finished giving decisions out (i know because people on the board havent heard back) and they are demanding a response from me? is this even allowed? march 12 are u kidding me!?! i understand that they need to let waitlisters in, but it just seems so sudden to allow less than two weeks to make a decision. just wondering if this is normal.

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Yeah, it's pretty normal, unfortunately. Each of the schools I got into had a deadline. I ended up accepting to one school and paying the deposit, because I hadn't received an acceptance to any other by the deadline. After receiving acceptance to another and getting substantial financial aid, I decided to accept to the second school and rescind my acceptance to the first school.

Don't be too stressed out about it, if you're not going to that school. But, if another school has a similiar deadline, be sure to email them that you're waiting on other schools and ask them to extend the deadline for you.

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I was just complaining about this on another thread (or, like, every thread). I was accepted into Hunter and their due date for the payment to reserve my place was so soon after the decision came out I missed it!! I was still waiting for my formal letter in the mail!!

They let me pay late, but I am still waiting on my first choice school to send me a decision. Very frustrating because the place holder cost is not cheap. They probably make 10 grand from people who pay in advance and then get better offers a month later.

They can do anything they like, our future depends on them.

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