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From what i've read USC seems to have the more established MPA program and the curriculum sounds amazing - on the other hand NYU seems to be a much more prestigious and well known University.

I have a half tuition scholarship for USC but no clue on funding at NYU yet...I would rather go to USC for personal reasons but they both are a good fit in terms of my interests.

I'm international so I don't know too much about how these schools are viewed in the US - is there a big difference? Also waiting to hear from SIPA but I suppose if I got in there and had decided on NYU, i'd probably just make the switch.

Would really appreciate any thoughts on the two schools! Thanks!

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It depends on what you want out of the program and your preference for location after graduation. Although both school are nationally reputable, the MPA programs are local in reach. Majority of USC Price School graduates stay in California and majority of NYU Wagner School graduates stay in NY. Both schools' curriculum has a strong emphasis in NY and CA policy issues and numerous local internships in NYC and LA, respectively. This could be a reason why most grads stay in-state. Where do you see yourself working afterwards? What kind of work?

At this point, it may be helpful to thoroughly compare employment statistics, syllabi, research centers, guest lectures, and overall quality of life. Both are terrific programs. Congrats!

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I'm actually in the same position.

I'm international (India) too, but having done undergrad in CA, I've visited the USC campus a couple times. My first option all this time was USC - program and location being the main reasons. But that was because frankly I didn't think NYU would actually admit me.

Now that I'm through Wagner too, I'm going to do a bit of research of how much impact both the schools have internationally. My career goals are to return to India or Singapore eventually so I want to see how strong the alumni networks for both the schools are in Asia.

Besides, from what I've heard there is a higher possibility of getting aid at NYU in the 2nd year (from what I've heard), but I'm still waiting on financial aid results before making any decisions. And lastly, the NYU program is more suited to my goals - nonprofit. The core courses interest me a bit more than the core courses at USC, and of course the interdisciplinary nature of the program. At USC, you need to get approval from your adviser before taking classes outside SPPD.

I must admit though, I'm a bit confused between the 2 as well. Waiting to hear what others here have to say.

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Thank you both for the responses!

My goal is nonprofit management also, USC seems to have a strong focus in that area but as you mentioned, so does NYU. There also happens to be a professor at both schools doing research in the area I want to go in (not all schools do), so again makes it difficult to differentiate. If I don't get funding from NYU then I think it will be quite a clear decision, so I guess right now that's the thing to wait for... Is there some truth to the statement that they are East/West coast versions of each other?

Funnily enough the international employment statistics seem to be higher for USC which surprises me as New York seems like the more international city, I definitely don't want to rule out moving back to London in the future. For quality of life, LA hands down, the weather is a massive draw but it would be easier for family/friends to visit me in New York and i'm sure it would be a fun place to live as well.

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