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6 Weeks and Still No Word from UM?


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So far I've applied to only 4 MPH programs and have been admitted to 3 (UIC, Drexel, and GW). GW was my first choice thankfully. However, I still have yet to hear back from the University of Michigan for their HBHE program (I am currently an undergraduate student here).

I submitted to SOPHAS on January 13 with a U of M deadline of January 15. I received an email acknowledgement of my application from U of M in the first week of February. What could possibly be taking so long? I heard back from the other three schools at the end of February/first week of March.

Despite U of M not being my first choice, I would like to go ahead and determine which school I would rather attend pending finances, financial aid, and scholarships. If anybody is in the same boat please let me know! I know of others already admitted and it's making me nervous. Thanks!

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There's no way to check online via SOPHAS or Wolverine Access--WA won't change until after the SPH has sent their decision via email (at least in my experience, there was about a week between those two events). Your best bet would probably be to email the department's Student Services Coordinator to explain your concerns and ask when you could reasonably expect to hear a decision. :)

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I applied to the HBHE program and my application was confirmed as complete on 1/25. I haven't heard a thing from UM since. I've already heard from the 4 other schools I applied to and will go to GW as it was also my first choice. Did you apply to the health promotion track there?

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