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I didn't think it was common and usually give myself a break with the obsessive email checking...

but THEN I got an acceptance notification yesterday!!

(checked it after Valentine's dinner and it was the BEST present :))

So I would say...who knows what timeline these grad committees are on...keep hitting that send/receive button!

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Not much hope for the weekend, I'm afraid. But in some sense I'm glad for it.

I'm having heart problems just thinking about applications; so I consider the weekend as my shelter from having to abuse myself. Except for the fact that I'm new and now on this website... on a Sunday, no less.

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Ooo... Nifty!! I'll check it out.

Yeah, I caught that you were applying to the Urban Planning program at Cornell too... Cornell is actually a long shot for me since my GRE scores are craptastic in their eyes. Everything else I've done is worth its weight in gold; just not my GRE's. So I figure I'm screwed - for the $70 dollars in an application fee and about $30 dollars in transcripts and paper. But my boss is a guru and well known big-wig within in the National Historic Preservation Act "world", so I'm hoping his clout, and the fact I'm his little prot

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