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MFA interview


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Hi all, I've been invited for an interview at one of the schools I applied for

and was wandering if anyone has any pointers / suggestions. It's an MFA

program, so I'm thinking I'll bring my portfolio, just in case, and be ready

to answer questions about my work and why I chose to apply to this specific school.

Anything else anyone can recommend?

thanks much

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A question that I have had some success with on my arts-related interviews is asking the professor what books they like for their incoming students to have already read. good conversation starter, and shows your commitment to studying your craft beyond your capabilities of doing/performing. This might not apply to your specific MFA, but professors (ok lots of people) love to talk about favorite books and it doesn't hurt for them to start considering you as a student - and a good way for you to get a feel for the professor too.

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