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What do I need to do to get into a top program after I get my Masters?


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I just got into a Masters program in Human Factors Psychology at the University of Idaho. My GRE scores were a 1200, and my GPA was a 3.07. If my goal is to eventually pursue a PhD at a top program in the United States, what would I need to do? If achieve a 4.0 in this program, will my undergrad GPA hinder my chances? I barely studied for the GRE, so I assume I can improve it. What score would I shoot for? How do the best graduate schools in the nation select their students?

Thanks, I just wanna know what I can do, and how far I can go with what I have to work with.

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You're going to need higher numbers just to be considered by top programs.

Shoot for 1350-1400+ GRE (this is typical for Social Psychology programs at least) for GRE. Your undergrad GPA will still be looked at, but your Graduate GPA will likely mitigate it partly.

Get involved in a lot of research. Research is the main component of your profile that will determine where you get into for PhD.

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