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Rutgers SPAA or Milano?

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I was admitted to Rutgers SPAA (MPA) about a month ago (I was thrilled because I was nervous about not getting accepted anywhere) and was set on attending. And then I received an acceptance to Milano's (The New School) Masters in Urban Policy Analysis and Management program yesterday. I applied to Milano because I didn't want to apply to only 2 schools (Rutgers and NYU) but after looking at the website, faculty, and courses, it seems like an interesting program.

Now I have a dilemma.

Rutgers is about half the cost of The New School and it's (apparently) better known. However, I wasn't too impressed with the faculty and the courses I have to take seem very general. Also, I tried to find alumni statistics and information, but could not find anything.

Milano is a newer program, but the faculty research is more interesting to me. They had alumni statistics readily available on the website and the courses seem to cover topics that I am interested in. I would like to work in an international ngo and Milano has courses that are related to global policy. The thing is I'm honestly not sure if The New School is just better at marketing their program or if it really is better than Rutgers.

If anyone has insight on which program would be more beneficial for me or which school is better respected in the field, I would really appreciate it.

P.S. - NYU is not really in the running since I applied in early March and will get the decision after the confirmation of attendance for Milano is due... so I'm pretty much trying to make a decision based off of these two.

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I hope to bump this topic too.

I'm actually considering Milano as well. I applied there since there program (nonprofit management) looked pretty interesting, but I can't find any alumni statistics on that. maybe I need to look elsewhere on the website?

I was offered a pretty decent funding package too - 40% tuition scholarship.

Hope someone helps :)

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