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Funding at one school, limited at another.


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I got a LOT of funding at my second choice school and next to nothing at my #1 school. My advisor told me to email the school and see if all the final merit decisions had been made and mention another school offered me a large financial aid package. I'm not entirely sure how to broach the subject...comments on this note would be appreciated.

Mr. ___,

I was admitted into the ___program to pursue a xxx. I'm incredibly excited about this opportunity. Obviously finances play a big part in my decision making process. I was wondering if final decisions had been made on merit-based aid. ___'s program is my first choice, but I have a very generous offer that includes tuition remission and large stipend at another university. Understandably, funding is limited. Any other suggestions you have on funding at __ would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for the opportunity to pursue my graduate studies in your program.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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It think it might be better to e-mail your potential adviser (or the chair of the graduate program if you haven't been assigned to anyone yet) asking for a time to discuss the financial aspects of the acceptance offer. My person preference is to handle any "sensitive" issues over phone as opposed to e-mail. Tone gets lost in e-mail and your intentions can easily get misconstrued.

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