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How much time does one have to submit transcripts ?


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Does anyone have any idea how much time does a grad admissions dept typically give to submit hard copies of transcripts and any other documents in case of an admission ? And does the clock immediately start after an admissions offer is accepted ? I am just on a waiting list for the only program I applied to and I need to plan my 3-week vacation in early May/June. Yes, I can ask the dept directly (and I might) but it may just reduce my already slim chances by sounding like a complicated case.

Any tips/hints are helpful.

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Usually after admittance final transcripts are not a big deal. From my recollection I got into my MA program in early March and was probably sent an email in May to get my final transcripts submitted in the next month or so. I am sure if you get in and are on vacation they would not care if you email them that you will have the transcripts sent when you get back; however, if you know you are admitted before you leave you may as well just do a transcript request so you don't have to worry about it.

Even though you are on the waitlist it may be a good idea to send them your final transcrpts anyway to show improvement and some programs apprciate the effort to show that you are still interested. It wont hurt ask them if there is anything else they need to make you a stronger candidate, and there are a lot of posts on the waitlist discussion threads that talk about sending updated transcripts and writing samples.

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At my school, you just brought your final transcripts with you when you got there. They were part of the packet of paperwork you filled out when you started, along with all of your employment paperwork.

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