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EPA STAR Fellowship 2012


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I applied for E3: Surface water and Hydrogeology. I haven't heard anything yet. Notifications are supposed to come no later than May 1, and I'm guessing they'll start calling people alphabetically. This next part I'm unsure about, but I THOUGHT that 80 awards were given out and thousands applied. In my department alone, I know about 10-12 people applied.

Edit: From the EPA website, "Estimated Number of Awards: Approximately 80 awards"

I would imagine that we have somewhere between a 1-5% chance.

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It would be great if there were only 1600 applicants, but I know that 2600 applied for NSDEG in 2010 (not sure how many this year). That one seems to be less general than the EPA STAR, so I'd expect even more applicants. Could be wrong there, but I know from the EPA website that they are only giving out 80 award from a total pool of $4.5 million.

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Also does anyone have an idea if they give out more awards to highly applied to areas, eg. Climate change

I think they try to spread them across the different topics and grant more awards to topics that got more submissions. So the climate change topic should be granted the most awards.

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