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CUNY Brooklyn College GSE


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Hi. Does anyone have any info for CUNY Brooklyn School of Education, such as faculty and field placement? I prefer CUNY Hunter the most but I do not know about the others such as Brooklyn. How is CUNY Brooklyn compared to, let's say, Fordham or Pace? Any info would be nice. I want to stay in the NYC area. Thank you!

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Hey, I'm not sure how many people could help you outside of the NY area. If these are smaller, local programs you may want to start your investigation more practically by actually visiting the schools and getting a feel for them yourself. You may also want to contact current students to get an idea of what it's really like to be in the program and try to contact alumni to see what career prospects are like once people complete that program. You may also want to consider things like the projects or current research that school is undertaking and whether that parallels your interests. At that point, you could start to compare things like program structure and quality. It's very hard to guess whether you would be a good fit somewhere without visiting. Best of luck to you! Hope any of this helps.

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