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What schools would be in my range (IE/OR)


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So I read the "WHAT ARE MY CHANCES" thread but I'm asking anyway...

I'm a current undergrad and I'm wondering what sorts of schools I should be applying to? Everyone I know is obsessed with going to MIT or some other super prestigious grad school, which I think is just not reasonable for me so it's hard for me to ask people I know. So, what schools do you think would be in my range? Is it reasonable for someone like me to go to grad school?

Intended Program: Industrial Engineering/Operations Research - Focus would be in OR but that's part of many IE departments.

Undergrad Major: Industrial Engineering and Computer Science (double major)

GPA: 3.5

Coursework: Mostly standard + 4-5 upper level courses in Math (also a math minor) + a couple of grad classes in OR

Undergrad University: Arguably top 5, definitely top 10 public school. Best school in the state.

Research: Some but not as much as many other applicants would have - should pass a check mark test but probably won't make my application spectacular.

I'm being a little vague on purpose but if you need more information let me know.

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I have started list making... I have compiled a list of 37 programs that look promising, in that they are OR focused programs (as I noticed many of the IE programs are not OR focused). I believe these are all of them. In addition I found another 19 programs which are not really what I'm looking for, but they have some potential if they have the right adviser.

I am now filtering the list into 6 categories based on what I know and what I can find about the admissions profiles as best as I can:

"Definitely won't be admitted"

"Might be admitted"

"Good chance of being"

"Will be surprised if I'm not admitted"

"I'm better than this"

"No idea"

I'll post this list when I'm finished and I'll hope for some feedback, but I'm bumping now as it's been a few months and I want to know if anyone who hasn't seen this topic before has some advice.

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I don't have much better options than to ask. A lot of schools don't have the admissions information and someone who has gone through the admissions process for OR might be able to at least give me relative sensitivities.

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