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  1. I had a friend from the EU say after 4 years in the PhD, their fellowships stopped getting taxed. Canadian here and I've been taxed for 7 years now. I am gonna eventually talk to a tax accountant but just wondering if anyone here has anecdotes/experience/confirmation.
  2. I'm post-quals so SSHRC is not open to me anymore (I struck out 2 years in a row anyway). I tried googling but pretty much all the results were for US citizens only or Canadians studying in Canada. TIA!
  3. Ugh so there's a possibility of one more weekend of no news. How terrible is this system... CONGRATS!!! Edit: Sigh got my letter. Bad news for me... I'm joining the "preparing for next year" club! Congrats to all who got it this year.
  4. Nothing in my Informed Delivery email... hoping we both get ours today, though!
  5. Sorry to hear! I'm inspired by your positivity though Edit: mail just came and nothing for me. Am I literally the last person on earth waiting?
  6. Mmm oh right. I must've breezed over those... only saw waitlist and successful apps.
  7. Same in LA... Um, so have we confirmed that unsuccessful applicants also receive mail notifying them of that (especially at the same time as success applicants?) Or do they either not mail anything, or mail it at a later date?
  8. Yep, I thought that was USPS nation-wide...? CONGRATS!!!! So happy to hear you got it and it was good news Where are you located, again?
  9. Mail check #2... nothing. This damn letter better get here Saturday.
  10. Congrats!!! I got nothing but a big fat Restoration Hardware catalogue in mail-check #1 of the day
  11. Now this is a fascinating new wrinkle... guess I'll be out checking my mailbox twice a day now.
  12. Same but I am kind of chuckling that someone in the UK received their letter already... Also note the ID email says: "The information below contains images of the letter-sized mail that will be arriving soon."
  13. Lol yep. I mean USPS does Saturday delivery, but if it doesn't come then, it's gonna be a rough Sunday.
  14. Hmm I just got my informed delivery email too and only two machinable letters. That said I haven't received it physically yet so will have to see if I just end up getting junkmail too!
  15. What... I'm in SoCal too and got nothing yesterday or today.... ugh. I'm starting to think there's some agreement on the federal level to use snail mail in order to infuse Canada Post with SSHRC funds.
  16. Ohh interesting. I didn't even know that was an option... mine is cultural studies based so I applied to Committee 3 but mine is pretty firmly in the lit studies tradition (though I had only video art in my proposal). Got thru first round cuts so maybe it'll be ok! I saw the wrong address in my portfolio and I emailed on Monday and they replied right away confirming they sent to the right address. I'd check!
  17. Oooh congrats! I'm surprised you did Committee 1 since you said your new work is so interdisciplinary! Still mostly literature based?
  18. Congrats to all who heard good news today Last night, I had a terrible nightmare that I got a 5/20. The letter they sent looked like one of those grade school rubrics and the committee had circled all the way down the "bad" column. Someone put me out of my waiting misery!
  19. This is enabling in all the worst ways lol... but I'm going to look into it as well
  20. I am now morally and ethically opposed to snail mail #SSHRC

  21. Just want to chip in that my situation, if I get the fellowship, will be the one you describe here.
  22. No, since external applicants did not apply through any school, the school would have no way of knowing. We have to notify our universities of our success!
  23. No, there should be no effect. But also, if you're a direct applicant, there'd be no way for you to find out from the department that you listed, had you gone there, before the mail comes. I think this is due to it being 2 separate streams of applications. Look back in the past couple of pages, all your answers are there!
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