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Just wondering... Pittsburgh


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This doesn't really help you but..... Pitt hasn't even given me an admissions decision yet. I've heard from previous years that they aren't that great at communication. However, I'm waitlisted for funding at other schools and was told by my current advisor that most likely I won't hear anything until really close to the April 15 deadline (or perhaps a bit after). And that's IF you hear anything.

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Thanks for the update! It seems like April 15th is the magic number, huh? ... I'm not sure how much more of this waiting I can take.

In regards to your application, I'd contact the department. That is, if it was submitted by the Jan 15th (funding) deadline. Letters were mailed out through snail mail, so perhaps yours was lost along the way? It's just a suggestion, though. :)

Good luck!

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