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Boston or NYC


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Personally, I find New York too big, draining, hectic, dirty, filled with mean people, etc.

Boston is perfect. I have trouble saying exactly why - I guess it is just really charming for a big city. I could see myself settling down there one day.

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I've never visited/lived in Boston, but my cousin did his PhD at MIT, and he hated it. Said the people were rude and had a chip on their shoulder. I get this consensus from a lot of people. I feel like with Boston, you either love it, or hate it.

I'm partial to NYC -- more opportunities, and there's always something to do there. Then again, the cost of living is absurd.

Either way, it's a personal preference.

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I already live in Boston, and am happy, but wonder if I could be missing out by not going to nyc. On the other hand, being a broke and busy student, will I be able to enjoy what the city has to offer anyway? Should i move there after I get my masters and have a job? p.s. I think the people are nice, but maybe they are rude in comparison to other cities. And when they're nice, you know it's sincere. Plus I'm used to it ;)

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