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  1. Hi all, I am itching to move to the UK. I know that getting a Masters degree in Creative Writing from Oxford would be great, but I highly doubt my chances of being accepted... Does anyone here know if the programs in the UK are generally good? I'm looking at University of Exeter, Cambridge, and Edinburgh. Also, through the websites it appears that funding isn't a big thing (but I might be wrong, I just barely looked), yet the programs itself (even with the exchange rate) are not ridiculously pricey. Is it worth it to go to school abroad and pay for it? Or would it be a waste since I am a
  2. Hi everyone, So about two weeks ago I dropped out of my Master of Social Work program. It wasn't that I didn't like it, but I just realized that I want to give my true passion - for creative writing - more of a chance. I am hoping to apply to MFA Programs next fall, which means I will have at least 2 years off. Currently I am just searching for a job or internship in the area I live in. But I really want to do something special and meaningful with my time off next year, and i was wondering if any of you have suggestions for meaningful gap year experiences. I am looking for someth
  3. MSW hopeful is right. The gist of it is: if you apply by the early deadline, you have a greater chance of getting in because of rolling admissions, so there are less people who have applied at that point and competing for your spot. But if you are accepted on early admissions, you are in no way bound to go to the school. In fact you should apply to EVERYWHERE's early application deadline to highly improve your chances (and, well, just make the waiting game a lot less long and annoying.)
  4. I can help, perhaps! 1. GPA - they will consider you if your human services experience, letters of rec, and SoP are really impressive, I think it's always worth a try but definitely apply to reach and safety schools and everywhere in between. 2. GRE - Like you said, most MSW programs do not ask for GRE scores. If you get above average scores they are worth sending to schools who don't ask because of low gpa. I know Berkeley and UNC Chapel Hill are two schools that do require GRE scores, and from what I recall they want scores that are above average but don't have to be anything ridiculou
  5. Sorry for the slowness in responding!! Here's my input, hope it can help. So far U Mich has definitely proven to have great clinical opportunities. One aspect of Michigan's program that really sets it apart from the rest is that we get to choose our field placement...of course this means applying/interviewing and being accepted to the placement, but the office is super helpful with that. Most schools just assign you to a field placement, so you could get stuck somewhere really unrelated to your interests or even clinical work. There are a lot of agencies in Ann Arbor that have clinical
  6. I honestly recommend taking a year off to work in the field. It would help your application and also help assure you that this is the right choice (it is really hard to know without having the experiences first. You might seem certain right now but once you actually end up getting accepted to places (which you will!) you might begin to seriously question yourself. I say this 'cause I've been going through it, haha. Also, working in the field for a year will help you get into the school you desire most
  7. I think the best way to set yourself apart is to not be afraid to discuss something personal that really defines who you are in your statement of purpose. Think about what makes you you and then connect it to social work
  8. I think it might be ok depending on how strongly/in what context you discuss it. Just remember that regular/general social work ethics require that a counselor's religion or religious concepts not be involved in the intervention method.
  9. Honestly, I recommend that you all not worry about having transcripts for this year in before applying. It is more important to send in your app early, and then once your fall transcripts are ready, send them in! (It is very doubtful they will make a decision any time before January, no matter when you apply. But applying early gives you such a better chance). My recommendation is to get apps in by December 1st, but mid-November is best since lots of people will be turning them in around dec. 1t. Also, trust me, it's nice to get them finished and out of the way!! They are a lot more time co
  10. Hi all, I applied for the 2012 season, and you can see all the schools I applied to in my sig! I am happy to help if anyone has questions about a particular school's application process/why I decided to apply there. (As a side note, I will be studying mental health counseling, micro-level)
  11. I have basically just been freaking out. I was extremely close to deferring and moving out of the country for a year. Main reason why I decided not to is that I ended up getting hired to a really great field work position. Seriously though, I am freaking out. I am coming straight from undergrad and am currently really, really regretting my decision to not take a year off in advance =/ BUT! I am also getting super excited again Not doing much directly to prepare yet...except I keep telling myself I will get on a better sleep schedule. Honestly I am at a point where the future and gr
  12. So, I applied to Columbia's MSW program on January 15th, and am STILL yet to hear a decision. This is actually hilarious. They have not wait listed me. On their website, my application is simply listed as "complete", and the last correspondence I received from the university was in late April, apologizing for their delay in communication of admissions decisions. Is anyone else in the same boat? Am I just missing something? For people applying this year - If you are planning on applying to Columbia, apply as early as possible if you ever want to hear back, lol..lol...lol.
  13. I think you definitely stand a great chance! Having professional experience - even if unrelated to social work - is impressive and shows that you're willing to stop a career because you want this. I am going straight from undergrad, but had pretty much zero experience. I was a psych major and mostly focused on research, but I think my teaching job and 3 week volunteer thing I did helped. But what helped the most was getting good letters of rec (definitely get one from the volunteer work you did in undergrad) and being honest in my application/writing a good essay. Also, the most important t
  14. Just do a ton of research on each program, and ask for more info around here Start with a big list then narrow it down. Wanting both good public transit and being near the ocean already really narrows your options, so hopefully that helps. I really think B.U and NYC schools sound like a great fit for you. If you do apply to Columbia, apply really early. I applied on their deadline back in January and still have not heard a peep. Completely ridiculous. Also, Berkeley and UNC Chapel Hill are two other schools I know of that require the GRE!
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