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  1. Hi all. A bit of a backstory before I ask my question... I received my MSW in May 14 and was offered a F/T job since before graduation and have been at it ever since. I have had a lot of emotions throughout the year -- I have had a few clients pass away (one of which I found), a client who sent me pictures of his private parts, sexually voyeuristic clients, and much more. It's been a rollercoaster with very little agency support. I am pretty close to completely my LCSW hours and will be able to sit for my exam in not too long. I've been thinking about options and have considered getting a 2nd Masters or even getting my PhD. I'm flirting with both these ideas because I don't feel challenged, don't feel marketable, and love research. And I've recently (this month) been published with first authorship and I love it. The one thing holding me back from a PhD is the GRE as I am a horrific test taker but a phenomenal student. Any advice?
  2. I got accepted and a wonderful financial aid package but opted to not go. The program is excellent but after careful consideration I couldn't see myself living in Buffalo long term. I figured I'd have to move upon graduating and I did not want to put myself through that.
  3. I attended their MSW program and graduated last year (May 14). I was very pleased with their program and had relocated to Chicago for it. I had secured my internship prior to even arriving in Chicago. All communication was clear and I received an ample scholarship. The social work program is close to Michigan Ave, not in Rogers Park like the main campus.
  4. I am doing this. I graduated with my MSW in May 2014 and started working before graduation. I utilize both IBR & PSLF. Honestly, it was a breeze to apply for. Submitted one document if I recall correctly and done.
  5. A lot of my peers in the ASU program have complained that their internship placement has been difficult for a variety of reasons from lack of options to lack of follow through. What I meant by that statement was to be sure to follow through and keep on top of ASU.
  6. I graduated from ASU (BSW) and have several friends that are in, or have completed, the ASU MSW program. I went to another school for my MSW, but if you have any questions about ASU and/or Phoenix, let me know. The best advice I have is to be sure to be on top of your internship placement.
  7. I graduated this May from Loyola Chicago and was happy with my program overall and it was a good fit for me. There are a lot of MSW programs in Chicago, but felt I got the attention I needed and was heard out. I also had a remarkable internship. I received a good amount of aid and the program had a good start time (July) for me since I was moving cross country to attend. With the aid, I did not have to take out grad plus loans which was a perk. After attending Fordham for a year as an undergrad, I felt the Jesuit education emphasized things that were important to me that I did not receive in my other years at a state school where I completed my undergrad work. Knowing this, that was another appeal to Loyola for me. I also got into some other schools you listed but if you have Loyola specific questions, feel free to message me.
  8. First and foremost, relax. I was a macro student. I did not have a macro focused internship entirely. I graduated in May 2014. With that said, I networked like crazy. I constantly updated my resume and I took it to career services for look overs a few times. I also updated my LinkedIn. I asked for everyone's business card and wrote on the back of it how I met them. I then added them on LinkedIn and added into the message invitation how I met them. I started sending out my resume in January, sounds crazy right? But it got my name out there. I made an Excel sheet with the jobs I applied to and related information, because sometime I'd get emails and forget about what went to what. Around March, I got phone calls for interviews and I went on my first interview in late March. I researched the organization like crazy and proved it in the interview. One of the jobs I went on an interview for in late March I got a call back for a second interview and started the job May 1 (graduation was May 8!)... I got this job through someone I met when I networked. I saw they had a job opening on their website and that person gave my resume to their boss directly. I also recently got a job offer through LinkedIn for consulting. I do know that some of my classmates still do not have jobs, though :-/
  9. I don't have too much advice. I just graduated with my MSW in Chicago. Some of my peers in my program did their advance standing program part-time, so I'm not sure if you have considered that. It allowed many of them to work more and stress less about finances. I can only speak for Chicago, but many BSW jobs start about $30-$32k and many require a car, which in Chicago, is expensive (between the city sticker, zone fees, and gas at about $4.50), so that is something to factor in if that's an issue for you. I know UofC has a weird start date--not summer.
  10. I'm in Chicago and, while I didn't go to UIC, I just graduated with my MSW. Good luck and don't be afraid to reach out if you want a local contact.
  11. I don't have much to add, honestly. I will say though, I just graduated with my MSW. I got my first job and have to transport clients as well. If you transport clients, make sure your auto insurance covers it--please. It is considered business use and many insurance companies do not cover this use under personal insurance policies. My agency provides auto insurance for us. This is your career choice. I won't tell you what to do with your life. But I will tell you clients are not dumb. They will sense any, and all, bias and/or fear--do not doubt this. As a result, this could impact your relationship with your client. I have no doubt you are en route to being a fantastic social worker. However, I do not know a social worker who do not have populations that make them uncomfortable. I cannot do hospice. This is my professional boundary. It does not make me a "bad" social worker. I am also not saying that you are not meant to do this work. Just make sure you know where these fears are stemming from and ways to take care of you in the process.
  12. Thanks for the link, I signed too. Currently, 33,000 more signatures are needed.
  13. I think everyone's situation is different and managing debt capped at one year income as a social worker isn't always feasible. When I started my education, I wanted to be a lawyer--and my parents refused to sign the FAFSA, so I had to wait until I was 22 to start. Needless to say, 1 year of school on a lawyer track was about $35k alone. I left school after that for awhile and when I returned, I was on the social work track. Without a supportive family, working full-time to pay my living expenses isn't exactly feasible for me (for some yes, not for me for various reasons). I chose a graduate school that met my needs, including living in a city where I could sell my car. I will end with about $90k of loans, when all is said and done after my Master's degree. Am I scared? Absolutely. Is there much I can do about it? No. I am considering Americorps, since when the term is completed, I will get an education award to help pay off my loans. I am also considering the National Health Service Corps.
  14. My undergrad was at the statewide homeless advocacy org and currently it's at an LGBTQ org where I work in micro/mezzo/macro arenas daily. As far as courses, it's mostly nonprofit management courses and the like and one helleva research class.
  15. I attend Loyola. It wasn't my top choice for academics, UW Seattle was (I got in and did not accept) I chose Loyola because; -- I knew I'd be moving at least 1,500 miles and did not want to get the keys to my apartment and start class the next day if you know what I mean. I wanted time to settle into my new city, learn the ropes, and start classes. Loyola's advanced standing started in July. -- I did not want to drive, so public transit is a must. This is Chicago, piece of cake. -- I wanted diversity. Many of the other universities I applied to was largely a Caucasian population and I wanted to be surrounded with more than that. -- Plenty of cultural offerings
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