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  1. Not sure if you still hang around here, but which school did you pick and are you happy with your choice? I am currently trying to decide between Hunter and Adelphi and I was wondering if you had any insight. Thanks
  2. Ok guys, I was accepted to Hunter but I am having a really hard time deciding whether or not I should accept the offer. I am interested in clinical social work and plan on obtaining my LCSW down the line. The price and the prestige of the degree after graduation are two of the main factors that are holding me back from declining the offer but I worry that the program will not satisfy my thirst for clinical knowledge.; however, with all of the money I save I figure I can get post graduate certificates and a bunch of trainings to compensate. I was accepted to NYU, Fordham, and Adelphi- I actu
  3. At the moment I am feeling quite overwhelmed and I am hoping that someone may be able to offer some advice, suggestions or even a fresh perspective on things. I am a single mother to a two year old and in the fall I will be starting a MSW program as a full time student. I am having a difficult time figuring out how I am going to balance school work, taking care of my son. and maintaining some sort of sanity. I don't want to neglect my school work and at the same time i don't want to miss my son's childhood- I am the type of person who puts 110% into everything I do including raising my chil
  4. I just received an email saying I was accepted? But I never went on an interview ? What does this mean, I thought the interview was a requirement before you could be accepted? I am so confused lol
  5. How flexible and understanding were the professors at NYU? Were they strict in terms of deadlines or were they willing to accommodate you and give an extension if you had circumstances that arose? Were they helpful if you needed help with an assignment or were they difficult to access?
  6. If I was in your position I would pick Adelphi, it is an excellent program and will help shape you into a great and well informed clinician and researcher. I went to Adelphi for my undergraduate degree and I was privileged to have several of the Graduate school professors in my advanced year of study; they are not only exceptional teachers but they are amazing people as well. The program is more psychodynamically focused than most programs, but having this theoretical background will help you immensely in your clinical work. As an undergrad l considered applying to the New School; however, I
  7. A certificate in DBT is just an additional certification/specialization that a mental health or in this case MSW clinician can receive. Typically one receives their MSW and then takes their licensing exam after graduation to become an LMSW, which is basically a license to practice under supervision. Then from after receiving the LMSW you can become a LCSW; in order to receive this credential in NY you need 3000 hours of supervision within a minimum 3 year time frame and you have to take your clinical licensing exam. From the LCSW you can become a LCSW-R by obtaining 6 years of post graduate
  8. Tell me more what have these reviews been saying?
  9. I am in the exact same boat as you. Have you made a decision yet? Any advice or insight?
  10. I received a scholarship, but it wasn't listed in Albert should I be concerned? Anyone else having this issue?
  11. I'm kind of embarrassed to write this, but here it goes. I plan on starting a MSW program full time in the fall and I have no idea what to expect in terms of the coursework, which is kind of causing me to freak out. As an undergrad I excelled academically, but it has been 3 years since I graduated and I feel quite rusty. In addition, I am a single mom to a 2 year old who I love dearly and I am not sure how I am going to manage family life and school; in the past I only had to focus on school work and now I feel like my attention is going to be divided. That being said, right now I'm trying t
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