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  1. Hi All!!! Now that we have been accepted into grad-school what are you going to do to prepare? I am honestly asking because I do not know WTH I am going to do! LOL Do we really know what we are getting ourselves into? I know my program is 15 units per semester, and with a family and all the excitements that comes with that, I am trying to figure out what to do what to do... Let's chat and help each other out!
  2. You will not need all of your grades. Most apps have a space for you to add classes you plan to take or class you have taken and grades have yet to post. If I were you I would attach a letter explaining your reasoning for not including your grades. You can apply even though your grades have not posted. Get your app in ASAP!
  3. You're welcome! CSULB only has two concentrations - Children and Youth and gerontology - no mental health concentration. CSUDH, Fullerton, and CSULA or and high-priced USC are the only schools I recall having a mental health or community building focus.
  4. Most Cali schools, if not all are great - I will be attending CSUDH in the fall. Most individuals prefer CSULB and UCLA; however, UCLA does not have a specific concentration outside of micro and macro social work so you will not have your specific mental health concentration. I selected CSUDH because their platform for their program is race relations and the part it plays within society and social settings - hope that makes sense. I would research where you will live and make a decision according to THAT! FYI, Wilshire Blvd exit off the 405 will be closed for about a year or so, you may want t
  5. I did attend an informational at UCLA, and one of the individual's that sit on the admissions board stated that turning your application in early is key. The reason this is key is that they read the applications in the order received, and if your personal statement is not all the way tight, you are more likely to get in if your application is at the top of the stack. He said that by the time they have read the 100th personal statement, their eyes are crossed and they are less apprehensive to cut the applicant some slack. I say for your sanity and the others on the board (j/k) turn your app in
  6. Depending on where you apply, your major does not matter. MSW degree is very popular for being a second, third, fourth... career; therefore, most people do not have their degree in a social science. If I am not mistaken UCLA and CSULB only require you to have an undergraduate degree - the concentration really is not that important. Focus on your personal statement and presenting your experience appropriately. Make sure, I repeat, make sure you attend the informational's for the schools you are thinking you want to attend. I must say, that really helped me when preparing my personal statement.
  7. I am attending CSUDH... I was just up there yesterday (Wednesday), and they said they were still reviewing apps. The 4-year program was cut; therefore, they are adding more space to their 2-year program. Not sure what program you are trying to attend; however, just be patient - they are working diligently. f I turned my app in on the last day during last year's enrollment period, and did not hear until June that I was not accepted into the program. When did you guys apply? That too plays a roll as to when you will hear from the program. Hopefully you will hear something really soon!
  8. I attended informational's at both schools... You will be fine regardless which program you select. It's basically a matter of which program best suits you... I am going to CSUDH because of the area, the appreciation that all students are not 25 years old, and the high-level of diversity that is present on the campus. You have to make a list and pretty much way out the pros and cons.
  9. Not really sure what you are asking - you might want to expound a little more for an adequate answer.
  10. Awwww... Well, congrats to you and I wish you the absolute best!
  11. I agree with the others... Go with who has accepted you. If you wait, you fun the risk of not gaining acceptance into any school.
  12. My suggestion would be to go with the program that works for you (logistically). I sometimes think we get caught up in the school and what we deem to be prestige or what have you. I know people that work as SW that attended CSULA, CSUDH, CSUN, CSULB... At this point, it's all about attending the school that suits your needs. I wanted to attend UCLA very bad. Honestly, having that UCLA stamp of approval on my resume and that lovely degree hanging next to my husband's UCI degree would have been fabulous. However, driving 1.5 hours/day ONE WAY, never seeing my kids or husband, stressing out becau
  13. Ok, I just spoke to Claudia... She said yes, a letter will go out in May regarding orientation and the classes we are to register for. HOWEVER, if you like, you can register according to the class list online. I am going to register according to what I see online - no need to wait. Honestly, that letter should have gone out with our acceptance letter. I hope this is not a precursor of what is to come!
  14. Gaining acceptance to ANY school in CA is something to be proud of. These programs are some of the best in the world and they all put their applicants through an intense screening process. Not to mention, all of the programs are accredited; therefore, are within the same caliber. Oh, also, a lot of the professors teach at various campuses within the area... So, no, I would not pay $40k per year to have the same professor that I can get for 8k per year.
  15. I'm not attending either; however, if I had to pick a program I would pick UCLA. The area is wonderful not to mention the program is smaller. Academics are pretty much the same - all have to work within the accreditation agreement.
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