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  1. Don't be so sure. You can't seem to comprehend simple conversations. I'm done. I will not respond to you anymore. You're caked on makeup, and fat face make me laugh. You are one ugly bitch, inside and out.
  2. First, some schools DO weigh GPA more heavily (typically higher ranked schools, but not always. As a matter of fact, my top choice DOES rank gpa higher, which is one of the reasons I chose it) Second, I never once judged anyone based on their stats. I said that programs typically are filled with dimwitted students because lots of MSW programs let in students with low gpa. (Not always a determining factor of intelligence but often is) I know several LCSW's that have said that MSW programs usually are not very academically rigourous because (and here's where I will actually get offensive because frankly, you're really starting to annoy me. You are one sore winner. You've been accepted, stop picking on me. I did nothing to you.) they let in stupid students with low gpas just because they accrued a lot of hours doing human services-related work. (This does not represent any sort of accomplishment or merit, simply that someone has hours) Third, you're judging me and how you think I am. You do not know me. You do not know what kind of person I am. You haven't read my personal statement. Talk about pot calling the kettle black. You should really brush up on your reading comprehension skills. It'll help you catch up with the smart students in your program. Seriously, piss off.
  3. No...how do I have a "know-it-all attitude"? Excuse me for being a good student and valuing academic success over experience. I didn't realize that you took that as a personal attack. Hostile much?
  4. Read the posts you have made. They are hostile towards me. I don't understand why...
  5. I never lashed out at anyone specifically. I never singled out ANYONE. I really don't understand the hostility...
  6. You're pretty judgmental. I don't know why you're being so rude. What did I ever do to you?
  7. Thank you. You're one of the only ones that was kind to me. I know you'll be a great social worker. Best of luck, my dear.
  8. "What? Did you whisper from the back? You think your personal attacks make up for what you lack?" Lots of haters on here... I thought social workers put their "heart into things". Funny how those that tore me apart place more value on experience than gpa...I guess all that experience didn't teach you how to be kind to others. *shrugs* I never once personally attacked anyone, but I got nasty responses from people...maybe they are just insecure about their academic performance? I never directed frustration at anyone specifically. But I guess those that ripped me a new one will make the best social workers because their heart is in the right place. I do not have an "elitist attitude". I think that was a pretty audacious inference. There is no tone on an online forum so some of these claims are a little ridiculous based on what I said. I didn't come here to start a fight and that's why I haven't replied for days. I didn't pick a fight, I simply stated my own opinion, somehow that is not ok. Oh well, what can you do?
  9. I understand that GPA isn't everything, but it should have the most weight. I worked more than 40 hours a week my first three years of college. Then I got diagnosed with a brain tumor, had to take a semester off, and still managed to be in the top 10% of my class. Call me judgmental, but I performed above and beyond even with a tumor that caused memory and cognitive deficits. I am also inclined to believe that "heart and ability" are not sufficient to be an excellent social worker. I firmly believe that intellectual dexterity, integrity, and resilience are far more important personal qualities. Many become social workers because their "heart is in it" but clearly that isn't enough to avoid the pitfalls of an extremely high burnout rate. But that's just my judgmental opinion.
  10. I guess I'm just really getting bitter. I applied a few days before the deadlines and I have a feeling that because of late I submitted my apps, I'm not going to get in. I'm just so frustrated, I know that I will do well in a grad program. I'm so jealous of people who are getting letters, regardless of an acceptance or rejection. I just want to hear!! I'm so antsy. I want to know what I'm going to be doing in the Fall so I can either get a loan or start looking for work. Ugh.
  11. Yup. I have a much higher gpa than the people getting accepted at the schools I applied to. I see people getting in with gpas that BARELY make the 3.0 cutoff. I really hate that social work programs are so experience heavy, which sucks, because I think gpa is more important. I have around 850 hours of verified experience, but in order to do well in graduate level coursework, gpa is a better indicator of success. (This is why you often hear that MSW programs are full of dimwitted students because acceptances usually go to experience heavy applicants instead of top students) I got waitlisted at CSULB, but haven't heard from the other two programs I applied to. This is very aggravating because I contacted admissions at my top program and they said my review is complete but I have yet to receive a letter!!! Ugh. Other people have already heard back from my top choice (SDSU). .
  12. MROD, I spoke to an admissions persons and she told me my review is complete and that the first round of letters have been sent out but I haven't got one!! I was waitlisted at CSULB but that program is my bottom choice anyway. I just want to hear from SD!! Tracey
  13. So I contacted admissions at SDSU on February 20th to see when they would start mailing out letters. The admissions person told me that my review is complete and the first round of letters would be out in the next two weeks. Well, some people have received letters from them, dated Feb. 24th. I don't get it. If my review is complete, shouldn't I get a letter regardless of it's an acceptance or rejection? Anybody know how that works? My app was received and the status was complete on Jan. 11th, four days before the priority deadline. My review was complete sometime on or before Feb. 20th. What's going on?
  14. bounce

    SDSU applicants

    OMG CONGRATS!!! What are your stats? When did you submit your app???? Is your online application status "accepted"? I am DYING to hear from them!!!
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