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What would be beneficial for you?

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Hi all,

I'm working on putting together some information for our new students when they make their decision. Information so far includes a list of apartments, the process of registering for classes, how to order your text books, etc. I wanted to check in here and see what would be helpful for YOU? I was in your shoes just last year, and I want to help my program make things as smooth of a transition as possible!

Thanks :)

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I'm glad to hear there are people doing this for programs. Kudos!

I'm sure you remember what it was like to look for housing, but I have a few issues that are of particular concern for me that might help you craft your list of apartments:

  • Prioritize apartment complexes that have websites and disclose rent prices up front. In some areas I'm sure that's easier than others, but I really appreciate it when I don't have to call/email a landlord to find out the cost was prohibitive anyway.
  • Is there a system for grad students to seek a fellow grad student roommate? (I know that can seem a bit sketchy, but bills is bills)

    Also, a few other miscellaneous thoughts:

    • Are there any campus events/seminars/gatherings that occur before the first week of classes (optional or otherwise)? It's helpful to mark the calendar as early as possible when deciding when to start a lease/buy a plane ticket.
    • Are there extracurricular clubs/activities available to grad students on campus? I know plenty of programs aren't exactly "free time heavy," but it's worth knowing.
    • For those who may not be fully-funded or provided a stipend: links to part-time jobs available on/near campus would be useful.
    • What days/weeks are summer classes in session? If a student was unable to visit before summer due to work/school, it would be beneficial to visit a summer class in the field while apartment hunting. Are tours given during the summer?
    • Do any local storage facilities offer discounts to students? Some cross country movers may have stuff to ship out before classes start.

    I'm sure there are plenty of other things to mention, and that some of the above are inapplicable to your program or overly-based on my own current needs.

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