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Saskatoon, SK


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I've been accepted to the U of Saskatchewan, but I am not sure if I will have the time or money to do a visit before deciding. Heard some really positive things about Saskatoon, but looking for some opinions and idea of living expenses.

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Did you decide to attend U Sask? I'm thinking about going there for my PhD, and was wondering if anyone had any experiences there? Can we revive this thread and see if anyone has any input? Public transportation good or bad? Weather? Things to do in the summer? What's the city like - do you like it (and why or why not?)? Are there many pet friendly rentals/places to visit? Literally any information would be welcome!

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I did a fair amount of research in Saskatoon while I was an undergrad, so I can provide a few comments here (though based on relatively brief visits to the city):


  • It's beautiful in the summer, and the area near the river is fantastic for walking. You'll see many joggers on the bridges.
  • The campus is quite nice, with a quiet atmosphere.
  • It does get very cold in the winter (think downwards of -20C).
  • Having a synchrotron on campus is very useful for anyone in the sciences.
  • Amazing steak.
  • It's not really near many other cities of interest - be prepared for flights.


Hope that helps!

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Reviving this thread. Considering an offer at University of Saskatchewan. What's life like in the Great White North, friends? Anything changed since 2014? Any recommendations or advice? Where's a good neighborhood to live nowadays?

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I'll also be starting a master's in May! I didn't visit Saskatoon before deciding to attend so I'm hoping for the best. I've heard a lot of good things!

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