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univ. n tx vs. univ. of oklahoma (ok city)


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Does anyone have any feedback on either of these schools? I have been accepted to both of them for the fall of 2012 and will have to make a decision soon. Any information will be helpful. Thanks!

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Hiya! I am a student at OU, not a pub health major here, but I am a grad student taking public health classes at the Health Science Center currently. I have lived in the OKC area for three years, so I can help you there. I too have been accepted into the program, but am possibly going elsewhere.

As far as the two programs, U. N. Tex is ranked at # 36, with OU HSC at # 25 (http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-health-schools/public-health-rankings)

However, I would focus on what networking opportunities that are avail. OU has the advantage of a medical hub for the state. That said, I know practically nothing about N.Texas, except that it is Fort Worth.... (right??)

Let me know if you think I can be of assistance! And Congrats!

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