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NYU vs. AU...help!

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I got into a few programs, and have managed to narrow down my list to NYU's MCC and AU's Public Comm program because of the course offerings and what I want to focus my studies on.

NYU gave me a small work study offer, primarily because I didn't notice the FAFSA submission deadline.

AU gave me half tuition AND work study. Money, however, isn't a primary issue. I want to choose the school that will best prepare me for work in the field, and that will show potential employers that I'm capable because of the quality of the program I attended.

I feel like MCC is focused more on theoretical study, but offers really great opportunities to intern/work in the city. AU focuses on practical study, but I already live in DC and don't want a career in politics/government. I also feel like NYU is far more prestigious than AU, and am wondering how choosing AU over NYU will affect future job prospects.

My head's all in a tizzy over this, so any advice, knowledge, or opinions would be great!

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Zbot00, did you go to the NYU MCC open house yesterday? I went, if you want specifics or have questions, feel free to PM. I felt as if it was a great department with a lot of room for growth and a great feel for interdisciplinary scholarship. They have been incredibly responsive and helpful throughout this process, so picking MCC feels like an easy decision.

I will say that if you want to work in communications, your best bet is to just work in communications! No degree will give you the tools to do these jobs--only experience will do that. A MA from MCC will make you a better communicator and bulk up your CV, but I doubt it will be the clincher that lands you a job. Most of the students at the open house seemed to already work in the field, so it didn't seem like a cohort looking to "break into the biz." Similarly, a lot of students said they were looking to transition out of the business and into academia, with a lot of us assuming we'd move on to the PhD somewhere else after MCC.

I hope that info is helpful!

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