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Did anybody apply for one of their fellowships? On their website it says we should hear by April 15th but that unsuccessful applicants will not be notified...irritating that they can't contact rejects considering it costs $60 just to apply! I'm not even sure they received my application because I don't remember seeing the application fee on my credit card statement. Anyway, has anyone heard anything from them?

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Were these ones for $6000?

I did not apply for one, but I forwarded the info to my friend and she applied. Her research is a blend of law, policy, children, effects on education, parental mediation/abused women, etc.

I think my friend got one of these ones? She received a phone call from Ottawa saying she won a 6000 scholarship through the canadian association of university women.

How many are there?

Good luck!

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I received a telephone call on March 31 around 5pm from CFUW. Good thing it wasn't on April 1st, otherwise I'd think it was a joke, lol.

About a week later, I received a letter confirming the award and instructions on how to accept.

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Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has heard from CFUW yet for 2014? I see that in 2012 it was on March 31st, just trying to determine when I should give up hope :P

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I still haven't heard. I'm assuming this is a really bad sign :P Anybody experience any luck? It's unfortunate that they won't notify you if it's a rejection...

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