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Seeking for course notes


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I am admitted to Stanford EE PhD :) and I want to start preparing for the quals.

Therefore I am looking for lecture notes, materials etc. In particular (most important for me in bold):

EE 178/278A. Probabilistic Systems Analysis

EE 179. Introduction to Communications

EE 101A. Circuits I

EE 101B. Circuits II

EE 114 / 214A. Fundamentals of Analog Integrated Circuit Design

EE 122. Analog Laboratory

EE 133. Analog Communications Design Laboratory

EE 271. Introduction to VLSI Systems

CS 106X. Programming Methodology and Abstractions (Accelerated)

CS 161. Design and Analysis of Algorithms

EE 284 or EE 284A. Introduction to Computer Networks

CS 140. Operating Systems and Systems Programming

CS 248. Introduction to Computer Graphics

(guess what, I think I want to take Signals, Electronic Circuits and Computer Systems Software :) )

Does anybody have materials on them?



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