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MS CS in Columbia vs Penn State (Systems)


MS CS Systems  

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  1. 1. Which is better for MS CS Systems

    • Columbia
    • Penn State

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Hi Seniors,

I got admit from Columbia , Penn State and TAMU for MS CS (Systems ) .. In favor of better ranking and reputation, I dropped TAMU from contention.. Am still awaiting results from UCSD, SUNY SB, Texas Austin and Cornell (M.Eng)

However, I have to make decision as early as possible.. And I am not too sure if i ll be able to convert any of the pending results..

So here it goes Penn State vs Columbia.. ( No aid )

This is my first post.. awlays i have used gradcafe and it is an extremely wonderful forum more active and friendly than any other such forums.. I also read couple of old posts on PSU vs Columbia.. Yet am not able to a conclusion when it comes to this..

1. Cost wise Columbia is v v expensive, psu is only close next.. Maximum expenditure for total duration i guess will be 80K col vs 70K psu.. considering no aid, campus job etc.. this is the upper bound.. which is way too high ( both) for me.. am planning to apply for a study loan for 20L and then manage with the rest with my savings..

I don;t see a big cost difference.. ?

2. Reputation wise - Columbia wins hands down.

3. Systems in Columbia vs Systems in Penn state.. plus am assigned a research group - microsystems lab and also grad adviser.. when i applied i showed my interest to work under him for psu.. i had mentioned such names in my columbia packet as well but as per what i gather i need to go there and compete .. i also intend to email the profs.. not sure if i should do to each of the profs i find interesting..

4. since systems is my interest.. arch, os, networks.. i hear os profs are bit rude.. networks not good .. arch i see lot of hardware side activity in columbia.. pennstate - the grad adviser am assigned to is heard to be a task master and very stern and lot of papers.. but he has currently one ms student under him so i assume i ll be the next ms student and probably only.. or one of the two?

5. What will be the chances of doing equally good research in the span of 18months in columbia.. and alo get funded.. is TA/RA possible in Columbia? where do i stand a chance of getting..

6. In the long run if i wish to change my stream to something non technical ( anywys i have no idea of doing phd in the future ) which one is best.. is columbiaa's 80K worht it? or psu 's 70k worth it aswell?

7. Things i want to get from masters program - build a strong basics/fundamentals in core cs, decent research publish 1-2 papers ( help in the publishing of so to speak) .. good internship.. great job.. my fundas are bad as i ve beenaaway from college from past 5-6 years.. work has been quite not satisfactory..

8. post graduation i should quickly pay off my loans.. probably less risk and also if i move outside US my masters should sell me not just in core CS job but where my will takes me..

9. what abt my pending results.. do i wait?

Too many things! i know hope i ll get good advice!

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