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I have accepted a place at a university, and I am very curious about who my colleagues might not be. Having gone to visit days, I am aware that many of the people I met were favoring other choices and thus might not make up my actual cohort. I'm hoping that my school is able to maximize the size of the cohort by accepting people off the wait list if not enough people accept their initial offer. I'm wondering if perhaps anyone on here has received a late acceptance or is still hoping for one in the next week.

I'm reluctant to associate this forum account with my university choice forever, so I am not going to post that here. Instead, I thought I would start a general waitlisters thread, so that people who are on waitlists can share their status and any changes. Also, I think that people who are on waitlists to programs that they are interested in might like to have a positive space, no?

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I don't know what's worse: still being on the wait list for my first choice, or being kept totally in the dark about whether I will be admitted off of the wait list. Seriously, it's the 14th. I was told I was very high, but now that has changed to "not sure". Now I'm thinking of gambling my 2nd choice for my 3rd choice, since the deadline for the 3rd is the 16th...

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