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Share your thoughts about your waiting experience for the benefit of others

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Ok guys so waiting game almost over for all of us. I thought some of you might have something to share for the benefits of others . I have some thoughts for those who are applying or re-applying for next fall:

First, apply to as much school as you can if you have a middle profile, you need only one admission to make you feel good and to ensure you are going to graduate school ( pick high rank, middle, and low rank programs) you can never guess where you would get your acceptance.

Second, never underestimate the value of the interview but also don't feel bad if you don't get in after an interview. Your interview might not be the reason for not getting in, you could be selected for an interview only to be placed on the waiting list in case top applicants don't commit to the program, so always cheer up and don't get stressed.

Also I would like to share some thoughts about one of my interview where the faculty where only talking about why I should select this program over other programs and why this city in particular is exciting, after listening to this conversation for over half an hour I ended up getting a rejection. So you would never know from the interview whether you are getting an acceptance or rejection.

Be calm while waiting for schools but if they don't get back to you for so long after an interview feel free to email the school, many schools don't let you know that you have been placed on the waiting list. I thought that knowing you are in the waiting list at specific school would make the applicant feel much better than getting a straightforward rejection. At least you will know that you made it to the second cut of applicants, which in my opinion is a huge encouragement to re-apply next year in case you don't get in.

And finally, it looks like if you are a top applicant you will be contacted by the school within few days- one week after your interview but if you are in the waiting list you might wait 2 months to hear back.

Hope my thoughts will help those who are still waiting or who are planning to start their application process for next fall. Good luck everyone!

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