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How to prepare for classes in the fall


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I'm going to do my MA in economics and I want to start reviewing/studying during the summer. Ive been out of school for more than two years now, and I took calc about 6 years ago! I am a bit nervous about the intensity of the program and I want to get started ASAP. Any suggestions on how to prepare?

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I wouldn't worry too much, but you may want to go through a math for econ book like Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics by Chiang and Wainwright. It'll take you through all of the calculus, linear algebra, optimization and differential equation stuff you'll need for an MA in Econ, plus refresh some of your intuition along the way.

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I second Simon and Blume ... you could also dip into an econ text like Micro Theory by Nicholson & Snyder (or Mas-Colell if you are feeling more ambitious) to get a feel for what stuff will look like.

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A question Here:

I am an international student and I dont know what is the level of

maths courses that needs to be taken for entry into Economics graduate.

I have Maths and Eco In my BA

The Maths courses taken are:

1. a.IDifferential Calculus

- Limit and Continuity

- tangent and Normal

- Higher order Deriviatives

-Mean value theorem

-Maxima and Minima


- Tracing of Curves


-Partial Differntiation

-Maxima and minima of functions of up to three variables.

b.Integral Calculus and differntial Equations

-definite Integral

-reduction formula

-Beta and gamma functions

-area of plane regions

-Length of plane curves and intrinsic Equations

-Volume and surface of solid revolutions

-Differential Equations

-Equation of first order and the first degree

- equation of first order bt not of first degree

application of differential equation and innitial value problem

- Linear differntial equation of second order.

2. Vector Analysis

Topics upto Gradient, Divergent and curl

High grades 70% marks in these two Topics

3. Advanced Calculus

- Partial Differntial Equations ( Upto second order partial differential Equations)

-Diffential Geometry

- Vector Integration

- Theory of complex variables

- Fourier series 9Upto Laplace Transforms)

Though I have taken

1.Mathematical Analysis

2.Linear Algebra

I have low grades in these topics.

Can u please Elaborate whether these Math courses are sufficient for entry into graduate level economics in the US.

your reply and sugesstions are highly anticipated.


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Hi Keshob. I skimmed through your list there, and it looks pretty good. The fact that you got low grades in analysis and linear algebra hurts a little (assuming you at least passed them), but it's possible to get into programs without those classes at all. You would probably have trouble with top-tier programs, but there are still lots of good options available.

Also, you'll need to have a good GRE quant score. And you didn't mention if you had any stats - that would be a good area to have.

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Dear Jeffster

Thank you a lot for your pain and time to give an immediate response

Yes I have Passed Linear Algebra and mathematical Analysis.

I dont have high aims of entering into top programs, i plan to apply 2 programs ranking 50 to 70

2 in the range of 70 to 100 and 2 unranked programs.

But I have not come up with a list of universities that i ll be applying. I dont have knowledge on how to select Univ.

I have a score of 313 ( 159Q and 154V). My TOEFL Score is 103 (30reading 22listening 26speaking 25writing)

Yes I have taken Statistics Courses also and a course in Mathematical economics,

I am listing the courses.

1. Statistics


-random Variable and Mathematical Expectations

-probability distributions Binomial and random distribution

-sampling Theory


-Correlation analysis

-Regression Analysis

-Hypothesis testing Z test, t test, F test and analysis of variance, Chi square test, Durbin Watson Test.

I have somewhat a working knowledge of SPSS software,

I used this software to do Multiple regression analysis to study the empirical relationship between Money supply and Price Level in Nepal.

Your reply is highly awaited.

Thank You


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