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Results 2012!!

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Hey Everyone!

This is my first post - how exciting!

I was just curious as to where everyone has decided to attend this upcoming Fall? Criminology and Criminal Justice is such a small field of study, I'm super interested to see where all my future colleagues will be! Anyways, I've finally heard back from all of my schools, and I'm thinking that I'm going to accept an offer from Rutgers! I'm extremely excited about this! Can I expect to see any of you there?

Look forward to hearing from all of you!

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Guest criminologist

hello I will be going to Michigan State for the masters program in Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement Intelligence although not physically because it is an online program only (wouldnt want to live there anyway)

are you going to masters or Phd program?

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It's so great to hear from you all. And congratulations! I will be entering into the Ph.D. program.

Kaylen - I won't be too far away from you. I'm thinking about a place in Jersey City. What about you?

I have no idea what I am going to do yet. I signed up for Educational housing in NYC, and it seems like they're all filled up. We can chat more via email. I will PM you my email.

Are you attending John Jay too?

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Thank you so much- I really appreciate it. I think it's going to be an uphill battle for me for *anywhere* but we'll see. I go to one of the top 10 liberal arts schools which also has a notoriously difficult grading policy where all classes have to have an average of B+ or lower so oftentimes we're curved down. I know my professors are explaining this in their letters.

I have a 3.00 and got a 1,330 on the GRE. I have done a lot on campus- student government, held a job, etc. (but I know this doesn't really matter).

That's good to know about the papers- in 4 of my classes so far I have written 20-25 page papers so I think I'd be comfortable with that.

Thanks again!

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