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p.h.D at Clemson vs Iowa State University


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Hello everyone!

I have been accepted to p.h.D program at both Clemson and Iowa State University. Both admissions are with funding, RA, with almost the same amount. They are about the same ranking for my major. Iowa State is a bit better not much really!

I'm from a large city but currently live in a small college town in Illinois and I totally hate it! I don't like cold weather and small towns when there is really nothing to do. Unfortunately, both clemson and ames are small too! So it is very hard for me to make a decision and choose between these two schools. I have been to ames and Iowa State campus a couple of times and I have friends there, but have never been to clemson or any other city in sc and know nothing about life there.

I need to inform them of my decision by April 15th. I have been thinking about the two options for a long time but I cant come up with a definite decision!

I'd really appreciate hearing any feedback that anyone might have.

Thanks in advance!

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Also Clemson in close to the town Greenville, SC which is a great city in upstate SC that has a great downtown, wonderful waterfall park, and an awesome minor league baseball stadium. It is also two hours from Atlanta and Charlotte which I would escape to some weekends when I was in Clemson for undergrad. Any questions let me know,

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I am seconding the two posters above me. Clemson seems like a better option for you than Iowa State. It is a small town, but at least it is adjacent to cities. I did my masters at a school in Alabama which was in the middle of nowhere but it was just 1 1/2 hours from Atlanta, which can be a refreshing getaway. Iowa State is... adjacent to cornfields... haha. There is better weather in South Carolina. Iowa will get very cold in the winter.

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Lion22 - are you still on here? I realize this post is pretty old, but I'm trying to make the same decision right now and I'd live your input!

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