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Do you still apply for FAFSA after getting a fully funded PhD and Stipend?


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Hi All,

I got into a PhD with full funding and a monthly stipend, but I have FAFSA student loans from my UG. I'm not sure if I need to file a FAFSA for 2012-2013 so that the government knows I am still in school. The reason I ask is because, as I understand it, I don't need to begin repaying student loans until I am out of school completely... Am I misinformed?

Any advice? Do I file for FAFSA as normal, but then reject the FA offered? Or do I file some other kind of form? I haven't heard from the PhD university yet but then, it is only April and I am sure they are waiting until April 15th... Maybe I am just getting ahead of myself.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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You fill out FAFSA only if you want to take out more loans. Since you will have full funding, you no longer need to fill out FAFSA (unless the funding isn't sufficient).

Most loan agencies will let you defer your student loans while you are in graduate school. Contact them and make sure you can defer your loans until you finish school completely. You don't need to fill out a FAFSA to prove you are in graduate school; a letter from the department/school should work. Interest will keep on accruing on your UG loans, so beware of that.

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Yup, I only filled out a FAFSA because I want a little extra money to supplement my stipend. They don't ask about the stipend at all when you fill out the FAFSA- they only care about your last tax return info.

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