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Starting to freak out


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So im starting to freak out. Im from RI and applied to two schools in Virginia (VCU, Radford) for my masters of social work. I sent my packets in on dec 14 and havent heard a word yet. I plan on moving in two months so I really want to know whats up either way. I am thinking of calling on thursday if I haven't heard back yet. Anyone know anything about deadlines in VA. I can only find stuff for the undergrad programs. Anyone else in a similar situation?


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I'm in a similar situation waiting wise, applied to 5 school havent heard from any. I'm from VA and my brother got into pharmacy school at VCU for fall, but I dont knwo about the social work department. I would call if you havent yet or if there is someone you have been in touch with you could email them?

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I am in a similar stituation as well. I applied to ODU and have not heard back yet either. I sent an e-mail late on Friday so I am hoping somebody will give me a time frame next wek sometime. Maybe. I know their deadline was April 1st, so who knows how fast the turn around is.

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