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  1. I went into a fully funded geophysics masters program with an undergrad in enviro sci and a similar situation as there were limited geology classes offered at my undergrad institution (earth sci, paleo, and GIS to be specific). I had a 4.0 GPA and good GRE scores with strong letters of recommendation. That being said I feel very lucky to have gotten in as I didnt have the ideal background and in all the schools I applied to that was the one thing that came up in conversation repeatedly with the faculty members I was in touch with. I was rejected by two of the schools, accepted to two without f
  2. My brother is starting grad school the same time I am only he is pursuing his pharm D. I am in a completely different field and I am guessing it works a bit different in Geophysics because most of our students get their tuition waived at least partially and many get an assistantship of some sort. Right now from what my brother has heard from his university (VCU/MCV) its pretty typical to just take out loans to foot the bill for college, they dont really offer any sort of assistantships to pharmacy students. He also will be taking 8 classes so working isnt much of an option. Is this the norm
  3. I bought a few of the calculus workbooks to get brushed up on anything I may have forgotten and i use MIT opencourseware for everything else. Love that site!
  4. I agree with booksnlooks. Go check out Samsclub, Costco, or a similar store that carries some of their furniture in store. You could go test some out at the store and then place an order for pickup/delivery in the city you are moving too. Sam's club has some really comfy mattresses, I don't know about the rest of their furniture but I got a great mattress from there for a decent price. Or if that doesnt work, worse comes to worst you get down there and furniture delivery is a few days away you can buy a cheap air mattress or stay in a cheap hotel for a few days.
  5. Can't say on the experience as I haven't begun yet, but I found out I was my adviser's only new incoming student. Talk about putting on the pressure haha:) good luck!
  6. I agree with emmm. Research produces results, not necessarily the results you expect or wanted but results all the same and usually you can get something out of it even if it means changing your hypothesis or focus. Maybe you need to just step away from it for a few hours, go for a run or something and then come back to it and see if it says anything different or get with a group of friends and brainstorm. If you want a PhD to possibly be an option later down the road and you are in research I would think you would want to have a thesis, but I could be wrong I am not in your field so I don'
  7. Community college is a lovely little gem isn't it? I did the two year community college then transfer to a four year route. Walked out of undergrad debt free which was quite nice! I am not a comm's major but my boyfriend was (we graduated this year). So here is a mixture of advice from me and him since I don't know much about your particular dept. Course load wise as others have said, I would do at least 4 classes. Seeing as most of your classes will be 3 credits, that puts you just at full-time. I realize you work as well, but I think 12 is certainly doable with a part-time and it will bet
  8. Haha thats kinda funny, there are some weirdos on there and probably more scams for men than women. That being said there are real women too so hopefully it will get more promising soon:) And yeah track pants and a button down? Sure if your hanging around the house, but if you are going out its best to have at least one nice set (polo and some khakis ought to do the trick unless you are taking her somewhere really fancy).
  9. Gneiss1

    DUI misdemeanor

    One other thing I wanted to add for any of your applications that do ask...answer exactly what is asked. No more, no less. If they asked if you have had any felonies the answer is a short and simple no. They can't hold it against you for not disclosing information to a question that was never asked. Now if it asks if you have had any misdemeanors well then you will need to disclose that information. I would just state it exaclty as it was and hopefully it wont be held against you.
  10. Gneiss1

    DUI misdemeanor

    I think the only part of my application process that asked criminal background questions was after I had already been accepted when I had to fill out paperwork for my research assistantship position. At that point I had already gotten the position too, it was just a matter of filling out the paperwork so I think you should be in the clear for that. It may pose an issue if you have to apply for assistantship positions (as opposed to being offered one) but it also probably depends on the field you are in and the position you are applying for.
  11. After I accepted I was able to set up my email account. I got a pin so set up my university ID and while I was on there I saw a page on their website for newly admitted grad students (a checklist kind of thing) and on that page was how to set up your email. Maybe check out your university's website and see if there is some kind of newly admitted students page. I think it is normal to be excited:) Plus some things it is better to get a head start on anyways (immunization forms/physicals, financial paperwork, etc).
  12. I say ask a person sooner than later, otherwise how are you going to get to know them? Perhaps I should elaborate on this...I mean asking them to hang out sooner than later not meeting a chick and asking her to be your girlfriend even though you barely know her. To meet people you would be interested in, go places that interest you or join groups of things that interest you. For example, I love hiking and I tend to enjoy it even moreso with other people. So I met other local hikers online and arranged meet ups for hikes and got to meet a lot of people that way. Quite a few of the people within
  13. I didn't find any sort of bias as a transfer. I'm not saying there isn't any, but I certainly didn't notice any. I had got in to two universities with funding and received two rejects (one to a school that I knew was probably out of my reach). Also, to two of the places I applied they didn't even require a transcript from any colleges you attended for 12 credit hours or less. I'm not sure how many credits you took at your university A but its possible you wont have to even disclose that information. I know a lot of people that did two years of community college for their general studies the
  14. Have you taken your GREs? Also would it be possible for you to take a GRE subject test as well? Your GPA is low and some universities have minimum requirements for applicants but they may be flexible on them. Having a paper published while in undergrad is certainly noteworthy so that will help. I think your best bet is to be broad in your applications and to realistic schools. Also what is your financial situation like? Are you able/willing to fund your own way (through loans, etc) if need be? Once you have selected some schools to apply to it is pretty important especially in your case
  15. What is the job market for a sports management degree like? Also what is the pay like? That would be the first two questions I would ask. There is a website I love called payscale.com and you can use a lot of the features for free. You can compare salaries, see returns on higher education, etc. I would check that out to see if it is a financially wise decision (I'm guessing no) and then also take a look at job postings to get an idea of how many jobs are being posted where you want to live and what the qualifications are. If the sports management thing doesn't work out you can try and find
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