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  1. I'm not surprised to hear you guys discussing the importance of good appearance (and the confidence that comes with that), as important in making a nice first impression. I'm a fastidiously clean guy, but I'm not exactly fashionable; whatever clothes are closest to my grasp are the ones I wear. I'll start to give a bit more thought to how I dress (maybe track pants and a button down shirt aren't the best combination). By the way, I did decide to give OkCupid a try, especially since it's summer and there's less opportunity to meet people on campus now. It's only been a week, so can't judge t
  2. I got my email account as soon as I accepted my admissions offer.
  3. I was 21 when I started my master's degree, so I can relate to being the youngest person in a batch. I don't know how much use my advice may be, as a master's, rather than Ph.D. student, but I'll try anyway. First of all, congratulations on your acceptances. In my opinion, your age won't make a difference. It obviously didn't to the admissions commitees. Also, based on my experience, I don't think your social interactions with your peers would be altered at all due to your age. I imagine most people start their Ph.D. from 22-25 years of age, and it's not like you're 16 or something. I see t
  4. @mandarin.orange: Haha, yeah, misery does love company! Thanks for digging up that thread, I'm sure I could use the advice.
  5. Wow, great advice and encouragement from all of you! I had never really considered online dating sites before, simply because I wasn't sure how reliable or informative an online profile could be. However, most of you have suggested it as a possible route for me, and based on some of the positive experiences reported by people like Dal PhDer, it sounds like it's worth a try for me. At worst, I won't meet anyone I'm really into, but I will at least get a bit more comfortable with socializing and perhaps entering the dating world. I'm glad to hear that looks are not the be-all and end-all. I d
  6. First of all, I apologize if my post is out of place. I suppose that this is not meant as a relationships forum, but I wanted to receive advice from my fellow graduate students. To introduce myself, I am a 22-year old engineering master's student, graduating this summer. Sad to relate, I have never kissed a girl, and have never been on a date, let alone have a girlfriend. Part of it is bad timing (somehow I manage to ask girls out who already have boyfriends), but really the biggest obstacle is myself. I am introverted, and have never been great at talking with people I just met; thus I don't
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