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  1. Thank you guys so much! I especially appreciate the detailed response (you thought of everything, even things that haven't crossed my mind yet). This is exactly what I was looking for, guidance from the wiser and more experienced. Thanks for sharing, I'm definitely book marking this page. I'm sure I'll be revisiting it : )
  2. Get some SWAG! First of all be confident, even if you're not, fake it (btw confident but not arrogant or a jack***). Second, maybe forget about finding a serious relationship right now, you should try to focus on finding female friends so you know how to act around women. Once you've found some female friends, actually pay attention to them and what they tell you about their relationships. After you're comfortable being around women, then try to talk to some. Now you say your not the best looking guy but EVERYONE has something about them that attracts the opposite sex, find what your something
  3. As an African American I must say that most schools, excluding HBCUs, are mostly White. According to your claim there should be a lot of unhappy Blacks, Latinos, and Asians. Also, being in a majority Black environment does not equate to being unhappy just so you know. Minorities can be very successful in predominantly White environments and White people can also be very successful in majority Black environments. I know I know you said one of those three things could do the trick but I wonder: Do you normally warn Black students about attending predominantly white schools like Columbia, Harv
  4. Greetings! After a long and stressful application season, I was fortunate to be accepted to all schools but two. I will start this Fall as a 21 year old. I suspect I'll be one of the youngest in my cohort and program. Is there any advice that you'd wished someone told you during your first year? Any advice would be appreciated whether it was age related, adviser related, studying, extracurricular activity, friends, etc. ALSO how much time do you really devote to grad studies, I have a dog and I'm wondering if I should give her away. Is grad school like 9-5 and then you work at home all night (
  5. Hello Habanero, you seem upset about the ratings but you shouldnt care. No one is focused on your ratings, EVERYONE here is more concerned with getting and sharing advice, venting, and just connecting in general with other grads. I can honestly say until this post, I never even knew there was a rating system. If you use this forum as support as you matriculate you shouldn't let "ratings" stop you. At the same time as a grad in psychology I also wonder if maybe your upset because of issues within your graduate program (maybe lately you've received a lot of criticism from your adviser or committ
  6. Yes especially his Double Consciousness phenomenon
  7. Can you have more than one fellowship simultaneously? How likely is this to occur, say I apply to 2 or 3 fellowships, will I be rejected from one fellowship because I already have one? I don't want to apply to fellowship that is $12,000 and one that's $18,000, and I end up with $12,000 because I was awarded it first and now cannot receive the $18,000. Having both is not important but if I qualified for both, I would want the higher amount.
  8. I was recently admitted fully funded to a PhD program (I'm ecstatic!) but my professor of interest is leaving. I was informed that new professor would be coming to take this person's place and had the same research interests as my professor of interest. The problem is that the department cannot give me the new professor's name until he/she actually arrives in the department this Fall. Is there anyway to find out who the new professor will be? This is a great opportunity if the new professor really does share my interests!! I feel like this is a game show and this is mystery box B.
  9. I was surfing the results section and noticed one person was accepted to one of my top choice programs. I have not heard back from this school. Do programs typically send their acceptances at the same time? Or does it vary among like a two or three week period? The person said they found out last week via e-mail, is it okay to contact the school and ask if I was accepted?
  10. Also where can you check the status of you application where it says a decision has been made, I went to the activity page and I didn't see a status.
  11. UMich CPEP definitely does interviews.
  12. I have applied to a developmental psych program at Howard University which is a really great program and I am praying that I get in with funding. I called sometime last week and they told me they were in the process of reviewing my app. I also applied to other psych programs and edu programs, it just depended on how the school had my research interests labeled.
  13. I just had a phone interview with UMICH, and my interviewer told me that I made the "shortlist" of 20 applicants and that they were interviewing all 20 to see who they wanted to admit. He also said they typically admit 4 to 5, but there was one year they accepted 8. This was not my professor of interest, but someone on the admissions committee whose job it was to interview all applicants and bring the interviews to the next adcom meeting.
  14. I am a McNair Scholar and there are lots of benefits depending on your school. In general, most of your applications will be free, and once you get in McNair will give you money if they have McNair at that school. My School: - Summer Research - Several Conference Opportunities - McNair paid for travel etc for conferences - Turned me on to SROP - Extensive research training - Grad School support group (lol your cohort, we stuck together, and we go to each other with our anxiety from grad school app process) - Outstanding letters of recommendation - Notify you of all opportunities, sc
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