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  1. Hi, I'm a graduate student at UMD. Unfortunately, I believe all psychology interview invites have gone out from UMD.
  2. I think you're in a really good place to get into a top school. In my experience, if you've already had skype interviews you've got a really good chance of getting an in-person official interview. If you get one of those you've got like a 75% chance of getting in. Also, keep in mind that Skype interviews are offered all the way out to January depending on the professor, so you might still hear from the other two proffs. I will also say that I had 0 publication when I applied and I got into two Ph.D. programs and got offers to masters programs from 2 others. I also didn't have nearly as much research experience as you and was coming straight from undergrad. You'll be ok.
  3. I am a current Developmental Psychology student and I would advise you to take it again. But, don't underestimate yourself, I had the same thing happen to me. My math score was 5 points lower on the practice I took so when my score increased I thought it was a fluke. When I retook it without much time for studying my score increased again. That said, I would definitely advise you to use either Magoosh or the ETS study books to help improve your Q/V scores as well as your writing score. Get the most of a retake. Also don't forget that the percentile ranks are what matters more than the raw scores.
  4. School: University of Maryland, College Park Track and/or specialization within psychology program: Developmental Interview type: Skype; Then invited to an in-person interview Date: Feb 11th- 12th
  5. I had a skype interview with my POI at UMD last month but was not officially invited to an interview at the school. However, my POI informed me that interviews for my program (Developmental) would likely be sent out towards the middle/end of January. They also said that the developmental program is one of the later programs to make these decisions as compared to CNS. I'm sorry you're feeling the pressure but I don't think by any means it is too late for you. Keep holding on to hope! Good luck!!!
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