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  1. Thank you for the advice!! I ended up withdrawing from the msw program and decided to just reapply for the fall 2019 cycle, I am going to definitely apply to way more schools this time around because I only did 5 last cycle and 2 were masters.
  2. It’s not! The only qualm I have about working and then reapplying is that I’m scared the cycle will just end in rejections again or finding a job as a research assistant that would be relevant experience
  3. I’m really conflicted and need y’all’s advice on my situation I just graduated undergrad this June and while I was finishing up undergrad I applied for the Fall 2018 cycle (I applied to 3 phds and 2 MSWs and got into both msws and got an interview from one of the phds but got rejected post interview) I am now on track to attend one of the msw programs in fall 2018. However, if my end goal is a PhD in counseling psych, will getting the msw hurt my chances? I was thinking of applying again during my second year of the msw for the fall 2020 cycle, but would a better decision be to just work and try to improve my application instead of going for the msw? The reason why I accepted the msw was that it atleast ensures a backup plan even if I don’t get accepted for the fall 2020 cycle. What do yall think about what I should do?
  4. I think i am going to email Kanako about this because this is getting ridiculous my field advisor sent me another unhelpful reply today and said she could talk on the phone but there is a policy that requires an in person meeting first. I feel like she’s just saying that so she doesn’t have to deal with my issues bc clearly other people’s field advisors have been able to accommodate them. I’m thinking of asking if I can have my field advisor switched bc I feel unheard by the person I have now
  5. Gricel Okazaki i sent an email to the director about a week ago explaining my situation but never got a response. Should I send another email?
  6. I also had a similar question about improving my acceptance odds, any advice is appreciated and sorry if this is the wrong place to post for context, I applied to 3 PhD programs for the fall 2018 cycle, and 2 MSW programs. I got rejected from 2 phds without an interview, got an interview at one really prestigious PhD but then got rejected post interview. I got accepted into both MSW programs. I will be attending one of the msw programs and will graduate June 2020. I plan to apply again for counseling psych PhD programs the fall 2020 cycle. I graduated magna cum laude from undergrad with highest honors in both my majors. I have 2 years of research experience working with a graduate student studying sexualization and objectification and another 1/2 a year of experience with a research org on campus studying campus climate for religious minorities. I also have experience with 2 student affairs internships where I did workshops on preventing sexual violence, supporting survivors, programming for lgbtq students, and critically analyzing and deconstructing gender and sexuality related issues. I have several workshop presentations because of these two jobs, but am unsure if i can list them on my CV because they aren’t psych related persay (some of them were at conferences too). In these two internships I also supervised and counseled peers who were my interns and/or volunteers who worked under me. My research interests during the fall 2018 cycle were stigmatization of queer and trans people of color survivors of sexual violence and how people who have multiple stigmatized identities face violence. Are these too niche/specific?? also, I don’t have any publications but am thinking of submitting this assessment report from one of my internships to a student affairs journal. My gre scores are pretty wack too. I scored 158 V / 152 Q / 5 W which amounted to 80th / 47th / 93rd percentile. I should probably take the gre again, correct? Also, is it worth applying to the same program but in different years? What else should I be doing while working on obtaining my masters to improve my chances? Thank you so much! Any and all advice appreciated
  7. I think your research experience, gpa, and thesis should speak for itself! Clearly you are a hardworking and talented individual, so I think it won’t be a problem convincing programs that you are such. I think what will matter more for you will be research fit. You have some research interests that are more broad (social cognition, language acquisition, theory of mind) and some that are more specific (pretend play). I would say for the schools that have advisors whose interests are not as quite related, make sure you spin your personal statement for that school really well and tailor it to that professor so you are able to relate your interests to theirs especially if they have a lab and expect you to be working in their lab (less so the case if they’re just doing independent publications not affiliated with a lab and also depends upon individual professors) as someone who was unsuccessful for the fall 2018 cycle, I would say there are plenty of options still after graduation. You could apply for masters programs while applying for PhD programs (I only interviewed at one PhD program and got rejected but am instead doing my MSW now right after grad). Or, like you mentioned, to increase your publications, you could work as a research assisntant I’ve heard conflicting advice about retaking the gre (my quantitative score was shit and only 47th percentile and I still got an interview but it was probably due to luck) hope this helps :)
  8. Is anyone else frustrated with their interactions with their field advisor? I’m an out of state student and can’t meet in person so I asked to meet over Skype/the phone but my field advisor insists that we met in person. I told her I won’t be in NY until August and all she replied was with a one sentence reply stating that would be a problem because August is a vacation month. Should I just email one of the other advisors and see if they can help me? I feel like my concerns aren’t being taken seriously by the person i currently have
  9. also does anyone know if there is a FB page for the msw program? im interested in connecting with people, especially people who are coming from out of state like me
  10. I just decided to accept my admissions offer today how long did it take y'all to hear back from Hunter's financial aid after sending in your FAFSA? also, i hope accepting after the enrollment period won't impact my ability to enroll in classes
  11. im really confused. i submitted my app back in december and haven't heard anything and re-checked my portal and my status was changed to "pending interview" i was pretty sure i got rejected and haven't gotten any emails from the department about an interview so i am really unclear as to what this means??
  12. has anyone heard from CUNY Hunter yet? I saw a couple of acceptances but haven't got an official rejection from them even though I sent in my app back in december...
  13. has anyone heard from TC Columbia university's counseling psych phd program? I saw a waitlist post from last friday on the 23rd but wanted to know if others had heard
  14. Has anyone heard from Teachers College, Columbia University’s Counseling Psych Phd program after the interview?
  15. idk I feel like it’s pretty classist to say that someone who is wearing a sweater over a suit should be looked down upon. like I think that type of thinking veers into dangerous territories where individuals are blamed for their inabilities to have things that signal material wealth when theoretically all applicants should be taken for who they are. I don’t think anyone should have to cater to standards of respectability because often times those standards of respectability have been used to police and silence different racialized, gendered, and other marginalized bodies so like using that as a determining factor of what someone brings to the table is pretty fucked up in my opinion (granted i don’t belong to an admissions committee but still)
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