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USC or UCLA for masters?

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Pretty much like the title says, I have a week left to decide and I'm not able to make a comfortable decision yet (although I am leaning towards UCLA very slightly due to the more familiar and comfortable location and environment). I'm going for my masters degree, with a specialization in either transportation or environmental planning.

Initial cost/tuition isn't a deciding factor for me. Due to a 1/2 tuition scholarship at USC and a 1/2 professional fee fellowship at UCLA, the two schools would have almost identical tuition costs for me. Based on '11 to '12 data, UCLA would cost around 15k per year and USC around 18k a year. But this doesn't take hikes into account (there are rumors of a 9% hike at UCLA). The cost of living at UCLA is slightly higher though.

One of my main concerns is professional and career services at the respective schools. From what I've seen, USC is better than UCLA in this regard. But is USC significantly better in job and salary stats for planning students after graduation? Similarly, is the likelihood/quality of paid internships superior at USC?

Also, like a lot of students I'd be looking for paid research or teaching/grading assistantships. Both schools have ample opportunities, but I'm having trouble finding info on which one is better in that regard. Would USC be better due to increase funding availability?

Pretty much two main concerns are getting a good job after graduation, and opportunities on campus for paid research or teaching assistantships for Masters students.

What would you do in my position?

Thanks for any help, peeps!

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