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should I assume the worst?


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Hey Guys,

I fired off two applications a while back and have yet to hear anything, seeing as its kind of late should I bite the bullet and assume that Im not accepted?

I sent one to UBC for an MSc in biochem and the deadline was like back in January! ....seeing how its been almost 4 months since theyve had the entire package kind of pessimistic...

The other one was to UofT for an MSc in med biophysics and they have also had my complete application for about two months now..

Am I crazy in thinking its been ages since Ive heard from either of these schools? or is this normal.......haha I dont really know what to think :(

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Im going crazy to. I have applied to 4 different programs and only heard back from York after emailing them for a update. I also have yet to hear back from UofT. I applied to two programs there.

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