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Fulbright & the April 15th Grad School Deadline


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Hey All,

Did anyone else get passed the first stage of the Fulbright but haven't been notified about the Fulbright Committee's final decision? The Fulbright contact person has been vague about when Fulbright notifications will come out for specific countries. There is a chance I will hear back from the Fulbright committee after April 15th.

I'm confused about what I should. Does it make sense to accept a school's offer and later decline their offer once I hear back from the Fulbright? Or does that burn bridges and create a bad image? Do I decline the offer and hope for the Fulbright to work out? How does one gracefully navigate through this situation?

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Contact the DGS, and do it soon. It's an extenuating circumstance, and I guarantee you that they deal with this situation all the time. They'll most certainly let you postpone an official decision until hearing from Fulbright. It's in their best interest to be flexible with you as these fellowships convey a certain degree of prestige for them as well.

And, if you get the Fulbright, take it! It's the ideal way to start off the rest of your academic life while also having a fantastic cultural experience.

Grad school will always be here when you come back.

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